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Not everything is meant to evolve. Eating the way our ancestors did can do a lot for your modern form. And THE GOOD DISH™ makes it easy with our Positively Primal meal plans, including our new 2-day sampler pack!

We deliver fresh, tasty meals based on the Paleolithic Diet, a diet rich in age-old, bare-bones, unrefined favorites, like fish, grass-fed pasture-raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits, roots and nuts.

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These are just a sample of our incredible meals and snacks. Actual dishes may vary.


Why go Primal?

  • Leaner, healthier foods can lead to a leaner, healthier you. Our contemporary Paleo menu restricts today’s biggest gut-busters; dairy, grains, soy, and legumes, as well as glutens, refined salts and sugars, and processed oils.
  • Shape Magazine likes it because it reduces bloat!

Why order our meal plans?

  • Positively Primal features a diverse, chef-prepared menu. Order one-week to four-week plans, 2 or 5-day options, and optional Paleo-friendly snacks…delivered straight to your cave (home or office). No shopping…no temptations…no mess!
  • Why be all alone in your cave? We offer great group deals for groups — gyms, CrossFit facilities, spas, and community organizations. Grab some friends and get lean, healthy, and simple — while saving money!

See some of our great meals and go Primal! Your ancestors would be proud!

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How It Works:

Each meal plan contains 2 delicious and fresh meals per day.

Every meal contains a 5 – 6oz. serving of protein and two 3.5 oz. servings of appropriate sides.
Should you choose the option not to have pork or seafood in your meals, we will double up on some of the other proteins from that weeks menu.

All orders must be placed on Sunday by midnight. Depending on your location you will receive your delivery on Thursday or Friday by end of day.
Orders received after midnight on Sunday will be fulfilled the following week.

Where We Ship:

We ship to wherever you are!
Our meals are shipped in special insulated cooler boxes directly to you.
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Important to Know:

Please refrigerate or freeze your meals as soon as they are delivered. Unfortunately, The Good Dish cannot be responsible for food spoilage after your box has been delivered if it’s not refrigerated immediately.